Rights and Responsibilities

We strive to provide exceptional, progressive medical care that is respected among our peers and community. We do this by building trust and lasting relationships with our families while guiding our parents to raise happy, healthy children. Our vision is to exceed our patients and caregivers expectations in service, integrity and compassion while providing personal and high quality medical care. We want you to share that vision, to understand your rights and to have the highest expectations when it comes to your child’s care. We are committed to providing the best care possible.



It is our privilege to serve every patient that comes through our door. We pledge to serve patients with competent, considerate and respectful healthcare without discrimination at all times. We will take reasonable steps to overcome cultural or other communication barriers.


You have the right to confidential management of communication and records. You have the right to talk in confidence with your healthcare providers and, within legal limits, to have your privacy protected at all times – see our Notice of Privacy Practices


You will receive health care that is based on American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines. Be told medical choices for care or treatment. You can expect timely and reasonable answers to your questions that are complete and easily understood and be seen within a reasonable time.


You have the right to all information you need to make the best possible decisions, including treatment options, test results and an explanation of costs involved for your child. You have the right to accept or reject a treatment plan and seek and pay for a second opinion. You will be informed about medical consequences of exercising your right to refuse care. You may refuse to participate in research. Your child’s care will be improved if you participate in the decisions regarding their health.


You may have access to your child’s medical record until they reach 18 years of age. However, in Colorado, teens from 13-17 can, without their parents knowledge, get treated for pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, drug and alcohol use, and for those 15 and over, they can also be treated for mental health problems. These are the only areas for which teens can get services without a parent's permission. The reason for these laws is that legislators wanted to ensure that teens who had these health issues could get treatment, even if they felt uncomfortable or unsafe having their parents involved. They felt the health need was too important.


Your child has the right to be free from mental, physical and sexual abuse and to be treated in a safe environment.


Upon request, you have a right to a copy of your bill and explanation of charges.


You have the opportunity to file a complaint should a dispute arise regarding care, treatment or service or to select a different clinician.



We expect you to give true and complete information about your child’s present and past health and family history. Providing your health care provider with any change in your child’s health and providing information to your health care provider about any care your child received outside our practice. Notify your health care provider of all prescriptive and nonprescriptive medications or herbal therapies your child has taken. Report any condition changes or reactions to medications. Provide correct and complete name, address, telephone numbers and emergency contact information each time you see your clinician so we can reach you in the event of a schedule change or to give medical instruction. Sign a release of information if needed to obtain medical records from other clinicians.


Let us know your concerns. Tell us if you do not understand your child’s plan of care and what is expected of you.


Keep appointments you have scheduled, and notifying us 24 hours advance if you cannot. Be aware of which office you have been scheduled at. Be respectful of all health care professionals and staff as well as other patients.


Follow the plan of care agreed upon by you and your health care provider. Be responsible for your actions if you refuse treatment or do not follow the agreed upon plan of care between you and your health care provider.


Provide current and complete insurance information including any secondary insurance each time you see your clinician. Pay copayment at the time of the visit. Pay your bill within a reasonable time. We encourage you to discuss a payment plan that works for you with our billing department if necessary.


Do not smoke, become violent, or bring weapons of any kind into the clinic.


We expect you to respect the rights of property of the office and its employees and other persons in the clinic.
Denver Pediatrics

What Our Patients Say:

This is the place to go. My daughter has a serious medical condition that has been diagnosed for the last year. We work with Children's on an regular basis but Norkio has been our life saver. Norkio advocate for my daughter with many different department at children's, oxygen companies, OT and PT's and is always happy to do so. Amy Nash is always there to fight the fight if Noriko is not. After sending us to the ER one Friday afternoon Danny called to check on us, not just on Friday but on Saturday and Sunday as well! I have never heard of a provider doing that. Countless times I have run in with my daughter having oxygen problems and been terrified, but the team at Stapleton Peds always eases my fears and takes remarkable care of my children. Rashima at the front desk is wonderful and just hearing her voice eases the panic. I just want to name everyone and mention something special about them but there are just too many special things about this practice. Katie M Nov 29,2016

Stapleton Office

2975 Roslyn Street
Suite 100
Denver, CO 80238

FAX: 303-399-7999

MONDAY-FRIDAY: 8am to 5pm
SATURDAY: 8am to 12:30pm

  • Sick Visits only on Saturdays
  • Our Denver pediatrics office is closed every day from 12:30-1:30 for lunch
  • We are closed on major holidays
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Pearl Street Office

1258 South Pearl Street
Suite 110
Denver, CO 80210

FAX: 303-399-7905

MONDAY-FRIDAY: 8am to 5pm 

  • Saturday sick appts seen at Stapleton Pediatrics office only
  • Our office is closed every day from 12:30-1:30 for lunch
  • We are closed on major holidays
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