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Danny Kamlet, PA

Danny Kamlet is a fourth-generation native of Denver, Colorado. He went to college at CSU and CU-Denver where he volunteered with the Special Olympics, the University Hospital, and the Sewall Rehabilitation Center supporting children with spina bifida. During these experiences, he discovered his love of working with children. 
Danny graduated from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center in 1980 with a Bachelor of Science in the Child Health Associate Program. He then practiced as a Physician Assistant at two private pediatric practices in Denver for a total of 32 years.
Danny’s specialties are well-child care, acute illnesses, and anticipatory guidance for children’s life stages and events.  He and his wife of 35 years, met in kindergarten, and are the proud parents of four grown children, and even prouder grandparents of five grandchildren. Danny’s interests include golf, bicycling, extreme sports, motorcycling and collecting US coins.
Stapleton Pediatrics is extremely excited to have Danny join their team of pediatric providers. As you get to know Danny, we are certain you will experience his many strengths, including his ability to build meaningful professional relationships while making a positive difference in your children’s lives.

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Patient Reviews

Danny is the best doc we have been to in a long time. Anytime we are lucky to see him he is always so caring, funny and thorough. He never makes me feel like my questions are dumb and never tries to rush me out of his office. More peds offices need a Danny :)
- Angela

We are appriciate that Danny to our daughter’s family Doctor . He is a wonderful relationship with kids and experiences it is important for us . He is friendly, kind and humorous. When we asked questions always answer and helpful We trust Danny . We recommended Danny Highly. We are lucky to have Danny taking care of our daughter Thank You Danny .
- Ayca N

The best. Very caring individual, listens, takes his time to understand any concerns. Extremely knowledgeable. Good sense of humor. My 3 kids love him as do we.
- Andrew

Our family adores Danny! He's an amazing PA with tons of experience. I trust him 100%. My kids also adore him. In fact my 5 year old insists on joining my toddler's appointments b/c Danny always makes him laugh. Danny's the best!
- Sara A

We love Danny! He is our favorite : )
- Andrea

Danny is one of the most personable and kindest people I have ever met. He is caring and knowledgable with my kids and truly listens to my cares and concerns. HE is also wonderful with the kids!
- Juliet

Danny was so great when my young son was sick! As a new mom he is very gentle, kind, & patient. My son always feels very comfortable with him. Great job Doctor Danny!
- Danielle

Our daughters have been fortunate to have Danny Kamlet as their provider for 13 years. He is kind, intelligent, patient and intuitive. Danny is THE BEST!
- Gina

I love seeing Danny and echo others' feelings about him. He remembers my sons and their health histories, even though he is not our primary provider! He is funny, unique, warm, caring and helpful.
- Ashley S

I love Danny he takes so good care of my child. My child loves to see him.
- Myra S

I absolutely LOVE Danny! He took care of our adopted daughter from about age 0-6 years while he was in Lone Tree/Parker area. He always listened to me & let me help make the decisions on her treatment. He is very understanding & caring! Stapleton is very lucky to have him now! :)
- Becky S

Danny has renewed my hope for the medical field and family doctors. He remembers everything about my son. I don't have to constantly remind him of details that we've discussed in prior appointments. He either keeps amazing notes, or is just truly a fantastic listener, either way, I'm 100% confident that he has my sons best interest in mind and if he isn't able to answer a question he finds me someone that will. He has had to refer us to 2 different specialists, and both were nearly as helpful as Danny is:) He also makes himself completely available outside of appointments. I'm a first time Mom, and I have lots of questions! Danny always calls me right back when I call and ask a random question, and sometimes he even calls just to check up on us. I really could go on all day about how great of an experience we've had with Danny and with Stapleton Pediatrics in general. I'm very grateful for the service that he has offered out family:) Thank you Danny!! :)
- Stephanie M

We are so appreciative to have Danny as a provider. He listens and partners with us as parents, and cares deeply about our children. He is warm, humorous and very kind. Danny takes extra time to answer questions and always follows up to check on how things are going. We trust Danny because he takes the time to explain his thinking and will seek out additional information if necessary. We recommend Danny highly.
- Christine

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