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Brandon Davison-Tracy, MD

A native of Denver, Dr Brandon Davison-Tracy ("Dr. Brandon") returned home after graduating summa cum laude from Westmont College to complete his medical degree at the University of Colorado. He then completed his pediatric residency at The Children's Hospital in Denver where he was given the Golden Apple teaching award. Dr. Brandon is active as an assistant professor of pediatrics and was the recipient of the young teacher of the year award in 2005. He has served on both the medical board of The Children's Hospital and the board for Camp Waipiyapi (a camp for children with cancer).

His clinical interests include ADD/ADHD, and developmental pediatrics as well as sports, adolescent and tropical medicine.

Dr. Brandon and his wife, Sarah, are the proud parents two wonderful children, Sophia and Micah. You will generally find them either singing and dancing around the kitchen, picking up toys, and playing guitar or reading by the fireplace, or going on "adventure" hikes around the neighborhood. "Pediatricians are always reeducating themselves, on a never-ending quest to find the latest and most beneficial treatments and remedies. But nothing has been more humbling than being a parent. My children are, and will always be, my greatest teachers."

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Patient Reviews

My daughter has been a patient of Dr. Brandon since she was 6 weeks old...She is now 14! Enough said, Dr. Brandon is a part of our family! He has taken superior care of my child whom has had usual medical challenges!
- Keisha N

We saw Dr Brandon from when my son was two when he was at another a practice. Two years later, after my daughter was born, he saw both my kids. When he started this practice, we followed him here. We had a hard time leaving when we had to move out of state but were excited to come back. We recently started seeing him again and its like nothing has changed except my kids are 10 years older. Dr Brandon stills takes his time with them, makes them feel safe, explains EVERYTHING, and includes them in thier own care. I love that. I feel my kids should be a part of thier care team. Thanks Dr Brandon.
- Kris

Dr. Brandon was the best Dr. the girls had. We moved to Omaha when they were 6 and have missed him every Dr. visit since...So lucky to have had him in our lives! He rocks!
- Jane

He's the best doctor we've ever had. Our whole family goes to see him.
- Anonymous

Dr. Brandon is the best! My 3 children have been his patients for the last 10 years and have always had excellent care.
- Jennifer G

Dr. Brandon rocks! He was there at the hospital the day after our son was born, and has been a caring, knowledgeable and kind provider ever since. He is excellent at putting worried new parents' minds at ease and engaging with the little ones. Our son Ethan loves going to the doctor's office thanks to Dr. Brandon!
- Alana W

I really feel like Stapleton Pediatrics is the Premiere Pediatricians office in Colorado and Dr. Brandon is the best. He really made us, as new parents, feel confident when we were stressed right after our son was born.
- Jared S

Dr Brandon has seen my kinds since they were little and we love him. He goes above and beyond to help out with what ever my kids need or ask. He is always smiling and is great to talk to. he talks with my kids not at them.
- Stacey T

Dr. Brandon has been my daughter's doctor for about 11 years and we absolutely love him. He has proven to be just as effective with teens as he is with younger kids (maybe even better).
- Kristen R

Dr. Brandon is so attentive, knowledgeable, caring, and fun above all, which makes for the best experience during our visits. I especially appreciate that he supports different parenting styles and choices.
- Marina

Our family is so blessed to have Dr. Brandon as our Pediatrician. He is one of a kind. He has been our pediatrician for 12 years and we travel from SE Aurora to see him.
- April

Simply the best! I wouldn't trust anybody with my kids but Dr. Brandon. It took us three years to find him, and even driving 20 miles to see him doesn't stop me. My son has autism and dr. Brandon is extremely supportive, understanding, and knowledgeable!
- Lily

I wish there were more stars available to express how wonderful Brandon is. We have been seeing Brandon for going on 15 years for our children. I refer all of my family and friends, and anyone who has children.
- Stephanie

We love Dr. Brandon. He is an incredibly patient doctor, especially with first time parents like us. Our son always feels at ease with him during our appointments.
- Angi

I loved Dr. Brandon, he took such great care of my two girls and really respected and supported my parenting choices!
- Elizabeth

He is the best Pediatrician I have been able to find. Very kind and very playful. He takes care of the children and keeps parents at ease!!!!
- Dillon D

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